Golf and cryolipolysis Harlow

Golf Harlow is fantastic for general fitness. The burst of activity in the swing raise the heart rate and the swift walking between strokes can help with cardiac fitness.

The sport encourages flexibility, strength and precision but it is not exactly aerobic. Whilst it encourages fitness it does not burn a great deal of fat.

For older golfers who are out of shape their belly is an issue that can impede the game. A large amount of belly fat can reduce flexibility, limit the swing and generally get in the way.

Golf is a great sport for socialising and taking up a large amount of your spare time but it does not leave much time for anything else such as the intense aerobic exercise that would be necessary to shift a large amount of abdominal fat.

Thankfully cryolipolysis {name} is quick, painless and noninvasive. Cryolipolysis requires no recovery time so sessions could be fitted in around a round of golf.

Your body will naturally process the removed fat over time allowing your skin to recover along with your reducing belly. The bonus of this system is that your golf partners will think that you must be exercising to lose the weight as your stomach size will reduce gradually.

Cryolipolysis works best alongside exercise but for many golfers the idea of starting any form of aerobic work (or even choosing to walk between holes rather than ride the buggy) is extremely difficult when you are carrying the spare tyre around the middle. Thankfully cryolipolysis is here to save the day.

Improve your golf game today with a simple and painless step and say hello to a new you that you can be proud of.

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