Cryolipolysis and football Harlow

It seems for some that no matter how much they exercise certain parts of their body never seem to shift that last bit of fat. For some footballers one of the biggest complaints that they have are their so called love handles. Those who exercise regularly will lose their beer bellies and generally tone up. Some footballers aren’t after “beach perfect” 6 pack abs but they’d like a body that reflects the level of exercise and effort that they are putting in. Unfortunately after a certain age it doesn’t seem to matter how much work is put into training those little bumps of fat above the hip on either side just does not ever want to go away.

Cryolipolysis Harlow offers an alternative to go alongside the exercise. This unique treatment can target specific stubborn areas of fat and break them down naturally leaving the patient with the body that they desire; a body that properly reflects all that they are doing.

Some find that the problem is somewhat smaller but still just as stubborn to shift. Many footballers in their 40s have issues with jowly chins due to the build up of fatty deposits on the lower face. Again it does not matter how fit these footballers are they are still lumbered with multiple chins and a reflection that disappoints them every time that they see it. A simple course of treatment of cryolipolysis makes the problem go away in a way that exercise alone can’t.

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